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The Stein Mart board of directors strives to provide Company oversight distinguished by the highest integrity. Our Board is comprised of experienced, insightful business leaders who regularly engage management and provide valuable direction for the future. I am particularly proud that eight of our eleven board members are independent, and that all the members of our Audit Committee are both independent and financial experts as defined by Nasdaq®. We remain committed to creating and enhancing shareholder value for all Stein Mart shareholders.   –Jay Stein

Jay Stein
Director since 1968

Chairman of the Board of the Company since 1989
Former Chief Executive Officer of the Company from June 2013 to March 2016, interim Chief Executive Officer from September 2011 to June 2013 and Chief Executive Officer from 1990 to September 2001.

John H. Williams Jr.
Director since 1984

Vice Chairman of the Board since February 2003
Former Chief Executive Officer and President of the Company

D. Hunt Hawkins
Director since 2016

Chief Executive Officer

Irwin Cohen *(1)(3)
Director since 2007

Senior Advisor with Peter J. Solomon Company
Former Global Managing Partner of the Retail and Consumer Products Services Practice of Deloitte & Touche LLP

Thomas L. Cole *(1)
Director since 2016

Partner in Kurt Salmon
Former Chief Administrative Officer of Macy's Inc.

Timothy Cost *(2)
Director since 2016

President of Jacksonville University
Former Executive Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs, of PepsiCo, Inc.

Lisa Galanti *(2)
Director since 2016

Co-founder and former Managing Director of Fitzgerald & Co.

Mitchell W. Legler Esq.
Director since 1991

General Counsel to the Company
Majority shareholder of Kirschner & Legler, P.A.

Richard L. Sisisky *(2)(3)
Director since 2003

Lead Director
President of The Shircliff & Sisisky Company
Former President and Chief Operating Officer and Director of ParkerVision, Inc.

Burton M. Tansky *(1)(2)(3)
Director since 2014

Senior Advisor with Marvin Traub Associates
Former Chief Executive Officer and President of The Neiman Marcus Group

(1) Member of Audit Committee
(2) Member of Compensation Committee
(3) Member of Corporate Governance Committee
*Independent Director in accordance with applicable NASDAQ rules

Additional information regarding our Board of Directors can be found in our current Proxy Statement